Art for Sale

As art goes, I prefer being an enabler to being an artist. Creating a piece myself only reflects my tiny view of the world; if I can convince other people to create then everyone becomes engaged in reshaping it. The difficulty, of course, is in convincing other people to create.

Art For Sale is designed to be only half an artwork, with the rest provided by anybody willing to participate. I am offering my half of the work, an 88 sq. ft. barcode, as incentive to whoever can successfully scan it. The rules are:

  1. Any successful scanning attempt must be witnessed and documented by me, and I am the final arbiter of what is a successful attempt or qualifying device.
  2. The barcode must be physically scanned (e.g. with a laser) by a scanning device of your creation. You cannot take an image of the barcode and then scan that, even if the process takes place in one device (e.g. a smart phone).
  3. The scanning device must successfully read and interpret the values stored in the barcode.
  4. The scanning device must go “beep” when it is done.